Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top 5 Social Media Optimization (SMO) Guidelines

Social Media Optimization SMO GuidelinesWhile SEO has become more and more a competitive arena where companies are advancing their different strategies to get an edge in search engine rankings, there is still more to internet marketing for websites to be fully equipped. The promising waves of Semantic Web and Web 3.0 deemed to change website marketing throughout internet history. To realize the fullest functionalities of a website, it must try to surf above these waves of internet revolution to become highly competitive as ever. As such, even at this stage, webmasters should take social media optimization (SMO) more seriously as search engine optimization (SEO).

Below are top five (5) guidelines of making website SMO-friendly and boost its marketing potential in all aspects:

  1. Linkability Enhancements. This is the foremost consideration in social media optimization. It means giving more charisma to your site so others can’t help but link to it. Most often, excellent contents in easy-to-remember URL’s (preferably short) won the popularity race. Even excellent blog posts help a lot of making others subscribe to your site updates. Wake up, your site is not just a static web store. It needs to look so active and content should always be up to date.
  2. Embedded Bookmarking Tools. People will always look for an easy way. If bookmarking your site will just be a click away rather than going through the regular procedure, expect a statistically sound number of regular visitors. You can use “add to”, “share this” or even “follow me” add-ons and plug-ins plus right choice of tags to speed up the interaction between your site and your visitors.
  3. Reward Your Follower. Displaying your visitor’s profile together with his topics of interest could encourage your visitors to regularly visit your site. Attending to their queries via blog commenting tools directly posting it on their Twitter of Facebook accounts could cheer them up. This will help engage themselves in a rich interaction even among your other followers imparting their ideas.
  4. Faster Rate of Content Popularity. While SEO deals mainly on content text manipulation, SMO provides and avenue to promote non-textual contents. PDF’s, video blogs, and audio clips watermarked with your homepage will help spread the news and stories of your website. In return, this will draw a huge amount of traffic and even backlinks to your site.
  5. Less Restriction to Web Application Hybrid. In web development, web application hybrid is popularly known as the mashup or simply allowing others to reuse your content. It is a web application combining ideas coming from two or more external page sources in creating a new page. Giving them access to your highly informative pages will help them go to your site frequently in search for more updated information.


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