Friday, June 19, 2009

Easy Social Media Optimization Using Reddit

Social Media OptimizationReddit got a new skin for submission page, and it's a lot cooler now! Bigger fonts, smooth color, easy submission schemes, can't stop getting Reddit! is an online news flagship social media taking a lot of user-generated links. It popularized karma system encouraging users to vote submitted stories to float up to the front page. Primary front page Reddit (categories) are atheism, funny, pics, politics, programming,, science, technology, worldnews, and WTF. There are also a number of popular user-preference reddits to choose from.

Reddit is one of top 10 social media sites with roughly 1.2 million unique visitors in the US alone. It is even more popular than Delicious. Most of it's users are around 35-45 years old having a household income of $30 to $100 making it a premier social networking site. When you are dealing with political, environmental, business and entertainment news daily on the web, then is a perfect spot for you.

Reddit is also one of the easiest social bookmarking sites. It only requires to register your username, optional on email, and password plus the verification code. After that, you are ready to go and submit your news links requiring only URL, title, reddit (category), and verification code. Reddit also discourages spamming by disallowing submission within 10 minutes from the last submitted news. Online news are submitted via URL and it cannot be submitted again but one can vote for them. With its much spacious interface and larger fonts, where else will you go to submit your news online?


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