Friday, June 26, 2009

How Social Media Improves Site Ranking on SERP

Social Media OptimizationSocial media is being closely linked to search engine optimization (SEO) nowadays that they are often used interchangeably. But they can never be the same nor can one of them make the other obsolete. The truth is social media can be a very important tool to boost ranking of your target keywords on different search engines. If your visitors found your site on search engines, they most likely have heard about it via social media twits. But making social media a great help for your site requires a lot of patience and all-encompassing tricks. Here are some convincing ways how social media can improve your site's ranking on target keywords on major search engines:
  1. Social Media Provides Free and Juicy One-Way Links. The fact is linking your site freely on different social media sites give you the opportunity to mass-produce one-way links. This makes social media an inevitable venue for link building. There is no other way you can place a number of links to your site faster than through social media.
  2. Social Media Delivers Traffic Flood. Believe it or not, but watch over site analytics after heavily indulging in social media strategies and you will see a raise in the graph of those analytics, and in an all-time high. Innovations like catchy titles and link baits are highly compatible with social media sites.
  3. Social Media Can Greatly Support Organic Links. When most of your high quality links are concentrated in organic ways, social media can reinforce them by creating a tag clouds of target keywords that points to your site. Social media is highly effective in linking headlines to your site, where your target keywords can be found.
  4. Social Media is Gaining Trust from Search Engines. The web 2.0 explosion has given social media sites more authority in terms of news and updates. The fact that almost everyone is using social media sites make them a favorite spot for search engines to scoop information on frequently discussed topics. And besides, social media subscribers are growing in numbers.
  5. Social Media is Very Versatile. More social media have already incorporated all kinds of media like pictures, news clips, podcasts, and videos to be posted, shared, and discussed within a page or two. Cross-platform boundaries is also becoming lesser and lesser. Almost in different kind of situations, there can also be a social media created to cater user-constrained preferences.


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