Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Popular is Social Media

Social Media OptimizationUnderstanding how popular is social media can be done by statistically reviewing the number of its users from time to time. However, you cannot be definite about the numerical expression of social media's popularity because it increases drastically from time to time owing to its viral nature. Now let's have some quick recap on some popular social media having a considerable number of users eye-popping enough for some business-driven individuals to invest into.
  • MySpace alone has more than 200 million users. That means if MySpace was a nation, it could be on rank 5 of the top ten most populated nations in the world. It would be sandwiched between Indonesia on the 4th and Brazil on the 6th.

  • In Google search engine, daily search queries reach to more than 250 million

  • The number of text messages sent daily outnumbers the total number of the world's population. With social media access through mobile technologies, it is expected that social networks will invade mobile advertising.

  • There can be a vast number of blogs published daily. And at least 346 million people around the world read blogs on the internet.

  • One of the most popular social networking tool today is Twitter. Micro-blogging is enabled as text-based posting with at most 140 characters called "tweet". Statistically, there are around 3 million recorded tweets daily.

  • Another social networking utility used to connect people around the world is Facebook. It is recorded that people are spending 2.6 billion minutes per day facing their Facebook account.
What makes social media extremely popular basically lies on every individual's desire to connect to others. Regardless of whether it is for personal, political or business purposes, social media indeed build and enhance relationships and which is boldly expressed by facts and figures.


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