Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who is Involved in Social Media

Social Media OptimizationWhenever the word "Social Media" is flashed on a screen, 8 out 10 spectators would say that it's a very busy web networking site. Chances are, they would site two or more Web 2.0 sites like YouTube, Amazon, TechCrunch, Skype, Flickr, MySpace, Delicious, Digg, Blogger, Last FM, Newsvine, AdBrite, Technorati, Wordpress, Yahoo, and Google. Well, social media is not really a bunch of highly interactive sites. Social Media is rather a form of conversation that is inherently powered by Social Networks in a form of Blogs, Podcasts, RSS feeds, Wiki's, and Search Engines. In fact, social media involves the following sectors in the society interacting together to continually reinforce the popularity of social media through the internet:


This sector generally refers to any individual sharing some form of information or resources for free over the internet. Regardless of whether it costs him a lot acquiring such information, he willingly shares it to public feeds so everyone may take a glance and know.


Where the crowd is, there's business. Social media popularity has apparently enticed every investor looking on a global market for his product or service. This is because social media can deliver extended advertisement 24/7.


This sector has supported the cause of donors and transmit information willfully to everyone. For hot issues and global concerns, volunteers mass-produce information for maximum public awareness.


Even employees unknowingly use social media as a channel of interaction even if separated by departments and area of discipline. More often, social media catalyzes the flow of operations among business firms because employees can practically use social media for business ends.

Service Recipients

This sector relies so much on the best thing the internet can give to their concerns and queries. They can be any consumer in need of something concrete or abstract turning to social media sites for the best information or best deals available.

Who else are involved in social media? You can think some more, other than yourself, who are turning their everyday lives browsing for something new in the internet.


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